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Florida Institutional Legal Services

*Program is one division of Florida Legal Services *Provides free civil legal services to prisoners, jail inmates, incarcerated juveniles, immigrants held in detention and individuals in indefinite civil detention or commitment *Services provided on civil cases only, not criminal *Provides free legal services to formerly incarcerated individuals re-entering into society to help end cycle of recidivism *May contact by phone and leave a message, however due to high call volume, many calls may not be returned *Best to contact by mail at 14260 West Newberry Road, #142, Newberry, FL 32669 *May also request a general information packet *Publishes the Florida Manual for Incarcerated Parents to clarify rights and responsibilities as parents and the Re-Entry Information Packet for persons leaving incarceration.

Services: Ex-Offender Reentry Programs, General Legal Aid, Inmate Support Services

14260 W Newberry Rd, # 412

Newberry, FL 32669

(407) 801-4350

Florida Justice Institute

*State-wide non-profit public interest law firm advocating for civil rights issues *Corrections: deliberate indifference to medical or mental health needs, excessive force, wrongful death, conditions of confinement, censorship, medical malpractice *Prisoner Reentry Project: education to restore civil rights after release *Disabilities: advocacy for access available to all venues and fight against discrimination *Housing discrimination *Important civil rights or civil liberties issues that may impact a large number of people *Best to contact via website, but may call if internet access is not available

Services: Advocacy, Disability Rights Groups, Discrimination Assistance, Ex-Offender Reentry Programs

100 SE Second St, Ste 3750

Miami, FL 33131

(305) 358-2081

Good News Outreach, Mercy House

*Transitional housing substance abuse program for men recently released from prison *Room, board, mentoring, job placement assistance and other supportive services to help gain employment and self-sufficiency *Must be an able bodied worker

Services: Ex-Offender Reentry Programs, Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities, Transitional Housing/Shelter

Confidential Location

Tallahassee, FL 32312

(850) 412-0016

Good Samaritan Network, Chelsea House

*Faith-based transitional housing for women experiencing homelessness, being released from prison, victims of domestic violence and victims of human trafficking *Length of stay depends on program: Rescue (Phase 1) 1-3 night stay, Redeem (Phase 2) Trial period up to two weeks, Rebuild (Phase 3) stabilization up to 30 days, and Restore (Phase 4) up to six months with extensions based on need, Resend (Phase 5) assistance to resume independent living *Provides job-readiness training, job placement services and referrals to other support services on an "as needed" basis *Physical, emotional and spiritual support while working toward self-sufficiency and readiness for independent living *CH program fees of $300 monthly, $75 weekly or $15 nightly; if a resident is unable to pay, she may apply for a scholarship, and may be approved based on fund availability and program compliance *Applicant must be mentally and physically stable, able and willing and able to work, go to school or participate in GSN community service or work therapy for a combined minimum of 40 hours weekly *Does not accept applicants with substance abuse issues until they have completeted detox and rehab *Application options include hand delivery or mail to Good Samaritan Thrift Store, 2706 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303; fax to 850-297-1113, email to info@gsncares.

Services: Domestic Violence Shelters, Ex-Offender Reentry Programs, Transitional Housing/Shelter

PO Box 10547

Tallahassee, FL 32302

(850) 297-1113

Good Samaritan Network, Good Samaritan Inn

*Faith-based transitional housing for men, has three houses with a total of 40 beds *Will accept men being released from prison and will accept sex offenders *Participants required to sign program agreement to adhere to regulations and Christian studies, no fees *NOT an emergency shelter not a halfway house *Residential program that includes work therapy, community service, job readiness preparation, life skills training, spiritual enrichment, accountability and structure *Not an addiction recovery program *To apply: call, email from website or walk-in to Good Samaritan Thrift Store, 2706 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, 32303

Services: Ex-Offender Reentry Programs, Transitional Housing/Shelter

2810 Sharer Rd, Ste 20

Tallahassee, FL 32312

(850) 297-1113

Hope House Rescue Mission

*Program is Not a homeless shelter and not to be confused with HOPE Community which is a family emergency shelter *Hope House is transitional housing for up to 10 men while preparing clients to obtain employment or education and to return to productive living *Priority is men recently released from incarceration, but will accept other homeless men occasionally on a case by case basis if there is a vacancy *Provides meals, showers, clean clothes *Church attendance encouraged *In-house bible-based study required *Length of stay can be up to 6 months on a case by case basis *Fees: $75 security deposit, then $75 per week; the security deposit is waived for men recently released from incarceration

Services: Ex-Offender Reentry Programs, Transitional Housing/Shelter

2230 West Tennessee St

Tallahassee, FL 32304

(850) 504-0161

Living Harvest Sharing Center and Thrift Store, The

*Faith-based residential Christian substance abuse recovery program for men re-entering society from prison with a history of substance abuse; should apply 4-6 months before release *Residential program includes Christian spiritual counseling, 12 step recovery, case management, mental health counseling, anger management, life management, employment assistance, transportation assistance *Three thrift store locations open to the public, 9am-5pm, Mon-Sa; Donations only accepted until 4:30pm 1.

Services: Ex-Offender Reentry Programs, Thrift Shops

Confidential (Men's Residential Center)

Tallahassee, FL 32309

(850) 765-6285

North Florida Safety Council, Inc

*Driver's education services, including 12-21 hour training courses for drivers who have been charged with DUI *12-hour advanced driver education courses for habitual traffic offenders and a 4-hour defensive driving course *Industrial and driver improvement training programs throughout Florida *Fees: Training course for DUI offender Level I, $295 or $309 and DUI Level II, $440 or $457 *For DUI registrations, Driving School information, Internet Ticket School and First License Courses, please call *All fees must be pre-paid

Services: DUI Offender Programs, Traffic School

2002 Old St. Augustine Road, Ste E42

Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 877-5193

Redeemed, Inc

*Reentry services for inmates and ex-offenders returning to their communities *Pre-trial services: Senior Pre-trial Release Specialist attends all First Appearances, cooperates with Judge in release decision, and assists when requested in specific conditions of release; responsible for administering court-ordered alcohol, drug testing and monitoring other imposed conditions: anger management, counseling, employment *Oversees electronic monitoring for parolees and probationers and day reporting *Outpatient substance abuse groups

Services: Ex-Offender Counseling, Ex-Offender Employment Programs, Ex-Offender Reentry Programs, Family Preservation Programs, Parenting Skills Classes, Substance Use Disorder Counseling

2127 Pat Thomas Pkwy

Quincy, FL 32351

(850) 627-0251

Tallahassee Men's Center, Teen Challenge

*Teen Challenge has locations throughout the SouthEast and serves both teens and adults, male and female *Tallahassee location is an adult men's (18+) year long residential program for recovery from substance abuse and other life controlling problems *Christian based, includes biblical study, regular church attendance *One-on-one mentoring, job training and GED study if needed *Accept referrals from court system *Serves men from outside of the Big Bend area as well

Services: Ex-Offender Reentry Programs, Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities

4141 Apalachee Pkwy

Tallahassee, FL 32311

(850) 385-8336

Viewing 11-20 of 22 results (listed by best match)