Grief and Loss

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Living Room, The

9/15/20: Currently sees clients via telehealth, (either facetime or zoom).

Services: Bereavement Counseling, Caregiver Counseling, General Bereavement Support Groups, Pet Loss Support Groups, Terminal Illness Counseling

9601 Miccosukee Rd, Lot 88

Tallahassee, FL 32309

LOSSteam of the Big Bend

*LOSS: Local Outreach to the bereaved who have lost a a loved one to suicide; a two-person team of trained suicide loss survivors and mental health professionals serving as volunteers to be a resource of support, help and hope to bereaved survivors *Help available to everyone exposed to a suicide by providing access to supportive services immediately and then for as long as needed to decrease their risk of suicide, strengthen their mental health and help them cope with grief *LOSS team can be contacted 24/7 and will travel to see the bereaved person face to face, or provide assistance over the phone as desired *Services are available even if the suicide happened many years ago; there is no time limit on when the suicide occured *Collaborative effort of NAMI-Tallahassee, law enforcement agencies, and community partners *NOT a hotline for persons feeling currently suicidal

Services: Bereavement Counseling, Suicide Survivors Support Groups

PO Box 10950, Confidential Address

Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 888-5677

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

*24-hour, toll-free, confidential suicide prevention hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress *Call is routed to nearest crisis center in national network of more than 140 crisis centers *National network of local crisis centers provide crisis counseling and mental health referrals 24/7

Services: Suicide Counseling, Suicide Prevention Hotlines

50 Broadway, 19th Floor

New York, NY 10004

(800) 273-8255

Safe Call Now

*24/7 resource and crisis hotline for all types of public safety employees and their families, including veterans *Public safety employees include all types of first responders, dispatchers, corrections officers and anyone in an occupation which provides protection to the public *All calls are confidential *Hotline is answered by officers, former law enforcement officers, public safety professionals and/or mental healthcare providers who are familiar with the stressors of public safety work *Hotline counselors listen and provide support, help assess the caller's situation and determine a course of action, and provide referrals *Website has an email option

Services: General Crisis Intervention Hotlines, Suicide Prevention Hotlines, Veteran/Military Hotlines

PO Box 141122, Spokane Valley

Spokane, WA 99214

(206) 459-3020

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance

*Offers training and education to end preventable stillbirths and sleep-related infant deaths *Sleep education campaigns for parents, grandparents and care providers *Bereavement counseling for families

Services: Bereaved Parent Support Groups, Bereavement Counseling, Medical Information Services

49 Locust Ave, Ste 104

New Canaan, CT 06840

(800) 221-7437

TMH, Behavioral Health Center, Access Center

*Provides emergency psychiatric evaluations for persons experiencing a serious mental health crisis: suicidal, actively psychotic, or in some way a danger to themselves or others *Access Center nurse clinician or psychiatrist evaluates patients to determine if admission to either TMH Behavioral Health Center or Apalachee Center is needed for inpatient care *Persons determined to be an immediate danger to themselves or others who refuse voluntary admission to an inpatient facility may be involuntarily admitted under guidelines of Baker Act *Persons not needing admission to an inpatient facility referred to outpatient services in the community *To receive services, persons should call the main number or go to The Access Center at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Center and explain nature of crisis to intake staff; strongly advised that person be accompanied by family or friend *No one turned away due to inability to pay; regular emergency room charges are billed to the patient

Services: Mental Health Screening, Suicide Counseling

1616 Physicians Dr

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 431-0892

Trans Lifeline

*Hotline for transgender people experiencing a crisis, including people struggling with gender identity *Staffed by transgender identifying volunteers who have experience dealing with issues faced by the transgender community *Available in English or Spanish *Offers information on transition related health care or support groups in the area *Funding available to assist with covering the costs for non-cisgender people to update the following documents: passport, driver’s license, state ID, court order name change, immigration documents, and tribal IDs *Will call emergency services only with expressed consent *If no one is available to take call, try again later

Services: Gender Identity Counseling, LGBTQ Helplines, Specialized Information and Referral, Suicide Prevention Hotlines

195 41st St #11253

Oakland, CA 94611

(877) 565-8860

Trevor Project, The

*Project to promote acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth and aid in suicide prevention among that group *Trevor Lifeline: free and confidential national helpline available 24/7 that targets gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth, ages 13-24, but will speak with any youth in crisis *Chat and text available 24/7; Text START to 678678 (Standard text messaging rates apply) *Website has a variety of information and resources: *TrevorSpace: online international peer-to-peer community for LGBTQ youth, ages 13-24, and their friends *Trevor Support Center: where LGBTQ youth and allies can find answers to FAQs and explore resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and more

Services: LGBTQ Helplines, Sexual Orientation Counseling, Suicide Prevention Hotlines

PO Box 69232

West Hollywood, CA 90069

(866) 488-7386

Veterans Crisis Line

*National Veterans Crisis Line is a part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline *Veterans or current service members who follow the prompt to press 1 after dialing the number are transferred to the Veterans Crisis Line *Veterans Crisis Line provides suicide and crisis counseling, as well as information and referrals on multiple issues and programs related to veterans, current service members and their families *Veterans who do Not press 1 reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which routes the call to the nearest crisis hotline or center in the national network of more than 160 crisis centers *Persons also have the option of a confidential live veterans chat via the website or by texting to 838255

Services: Specialized Information and Referral, Suicide Prevention Hotlines, Veteran Benefits Assistance, Veteran Reintegration Counseling

Confidential Location

New York, NY 10004

(800) 273-8255

Voorting, David, LCSW

*Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Christian-based *Therapy for adults and adolescents, 14+ *Specializes in substance abuse, ADHD, ADD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, sexual addiction, stress management, co-dependency, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, parenting issues, couples counseling

Services: Adolescent/Youth Counseling, Bereavement Counseling, Faith Based Counseling, General Counseling Services, Parent Counseling, Sexual/Love Addiction Counseling, Stress Management, Substance Use Disorder Counseling

1535 Killear Center Blvd, Ste C-1

Tallahassee, FL 32309

(850) 443-1296

Viewing 31-40 of 40 results (listed by best match)