Grief and Loss

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Dixon, Patricia, LCSW (SW10342)

*COVID Update: 09/15/2021 Still taking patients by telemental health appointment only *Licensed Clinical Social Worker (SW10342) in private practice who is currently accepting new patients *Practice is not accessible and cannot be reached by public transportation *Fees $120 Initial Assesment, $75 Hourly for follow ups, Sliding scale to $50 for uninsured clients; accepts Aetna, CIGNA, New Direction, Anthem *Treats adults and young adults as individuals and couples in person and by video (telemental health); specialty treatment areas include general anxiety and depression, Grief/bereavement, Pregnancy mental health, Marriage/relationship, Crisis counseling/trauma *Therapist is female, English speaking, Caucasian & cannot prescribe or manage patient's medications

Services: Bereavement and Grief Counseling, Conjoint Counseling, Crisis Intervention, General Counseling Services, Marriage Counseling, Pregnancy Counseling, Suicide Counseling, Telemental Health

2910 Kerry Forest Parkway

D-4 224

Tallahassee, FL 32309

(850) 877-0205

Dukes, Natalie, LMHC (MH17529)

*Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH17529) on online platform who is not currently accepting new patients *Practice is online only *Fees vary; accepts Big Bend Provider Network, Capital Health Plan, CIGNA, Employee Assistance Program, Florida Blue (BCBS), Health First, Health Kids, Humana, Magellan, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medipass, Staywell, Tricare, Veteran's Adminstration, Vista Insurances *Treats adolescents, young adults and adults as individuals, families and couples by video (telemental health); specialty treatment areas include general anxiety and depression, women's issues, psychiatric disorders, crisis counseling and trauma counseling *Therapist is female, English speaking, African American & cannot prescribe or manage patient's medications

Services: Adolescent/Youth Counseling, Family Counseling, Mental Health Assessment and Treatment, Mental Health Evaluation, Suicide Counseling, Telemental Health

Florida Hospice and Palliative Care Association

*Provides information about end of life issues and referrals to local hospices *Oversees educational opportunities for members of hospice interdisciplinary teams on advanced directives, palliative care, pain management initiatives, culturally sensitive initiatives *Directs Statewide Hospice Compliance Hotline and Consumer Referral Hotline *Works to remove barriers to hospice care; expands the understanding of the end-of-life needs of Florida�s diverse population *Educates Florida Legislature and the Executive Branch, and works with Regulatory Agencies, and other associated agencies

Services: Hospice Care

817 N Gadsden St

Tallahassee, FL 32303

(850) 878-2632

Florida National Guard, Family Assistance Centers

*Eight Family Assistance Centers around Florida offer practical assistance and emotional support for families and/or persons in the Florida National Guard or any branch of the military; including veterans *Services include sessions to help prepare for deployment, establishing a family care plan, relocation assistance, financial planning, explaining health benefits, and information and referrals to government and other agencies that interact with the military on family and quality of life issues *Emergency financial assistance when funds are available, most often granted to spouses of deployed service members for unexpected emergencies *Gold Star Program for families who have lost a loved one during active duty, provides emotional support and referrals to support groups, spiritual resources, bereavement and financial counselors, along with guidance to additional survivor resources

Services: Bereavement and Grief Counseling, Emergency Funds, General Bereavement and Grief Support Groups, Military Family Service/Support Centers, Social Services for Military Personnel, Veteran Benefits Assistance, Veteran/Military Health Insurance

1225 Easterwood Dr

Tallahassee, FL 32311

(850) 528-9476

Florida Veterans Support Line

*Comprehensive information and referral to VA-funded services and hundreds of community based services *Assistance and support provided by a peer who has experienced the transition from military back to civilian life *Care coordination services including system navigation, advocacy and ongoing support

Services: Peer Counseling, Specialized Information and Referral, Suicide Counseling, Veteran Compensation and Pension Benefits, Veteran Reintegration Counseling

One Crisis Center Plaza

Tampa, FL 33613

(844) 693-5838

FSU, Anxiety and Behavioral Health Clinic

*Private practice affiliated with FSU School of Psychology currently accepting new patients; offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety and related conditions *In addition to standard treatment, clients may receive information about research participation options, which may include receiving free or low-cost treatments; participates in large scale clinical trials, including those involving veterans *Clinic is staffed by teachers supervising graduate students and research assistants *Practice is accessible and can be reached by public transportation *New patients must complete an in-person diagnostic assessment costing $250; each standard treatment session is approximately 50 minutes and costs $50, no insurance accepted *Treats infants through geriatric clients as individuals and groups in person, by phone, and by video (telemental health); specialty treatment areas include anxiety related conditions such as agoraphobia, compulsive hoarding, generalized anxiety disorder, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and specific phobias *Practice can prescribe or manage patient's medications

Services: Clinical Trials, General Counseling Services, Medical and Health Sciences Research, Mental Health Screening, Suicide Counseling

1107 W Call St

Tallahassee, FL 32304

(850) 645-1766

FSU, Case Management

*Case Management Services work with FSU students taking classes, applicants, or alumni to provide emotional support, counseling, advocacy, and to identify immediate needs, making appropriate referrals to campus and community resources *Problems may include :Emotional Distress/Mental Health; death of family member or close friend; serious illness, accident resulting in injury; hospitalization for emotional or physical condition; housing crisis; financial hardship; family/relationship difficulties; and academic concerns related to a crisis *Case Managers available to assist with concerns, referrals from faculty, staff, family, friend or community member concerned about an individual's well-being *Students may call to speak with a Case Manager or walk-in 8am-4pm, M-F *Faculty and staff should refer students directly to Case Management Services; Call, email or use online reporting (report.

Services: Bereavement and Grief Counseling, Case/Care Management, Emergency Funds, General Counseling Services, In Person Crisis Intervention, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities

University Center A, Ste 4100

Tallahassee, FL 32306

(850) 644-9555

FSU, Couple and Family Therapy Center

*FSU based practice for students and the public where doctoral candidates provide counseling under the supervision of licensed professionals/educators *Offers individual counseling for teens and adults, as individuals, couples, and families both in person or by telemental health; specialty areas of treatment include pre-marital counseling, marriage, family, parenting, divorce therapy, and blended families, but also address issues like court-ordered therapy, substance abuse, grief and loss, interpersonal relationships skills training, self-esteem issues, post-adoption, foster care; offers online education for ongoing couple's skill building, see website to sign up *Insurance is not accepted, but fees are on par with co-payments; first session is $35, and additional sessions are based on an income based sliding scale between $25 and $85; students are always $25 with student ID

Services: Bereavement and Grief Counseling, Conjoint Counseling, Divorce Counseling, General Counseling Services, Marriage Counseling, Parent Counseling, Premarital Counseling

540 W Jefferson St

Tallahassee, FL 32306

(850) 644-1588

Give An Hour

*Free mental health care for active duty military, National Guard, reserve service members, veterans, and military families *Natural disaster and man made trauma counseling available for persons affected by certain events; see website for a list of specific qualifying events *In addition to the general public, first responders and refugees/immigrants affected by events on website encouraged to seek services *Counseling services available by phone, video chat, or in person *To schedule appointment search for a provider on website, contact directly, identify as a potential Give an Hour client *No payment or insurance information required *If a provider is not available in a selected area, contact info@giveanhour.

Services: Adolescent/Youth Counseling, Anger Management, Bereavement and Grief Counseling, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Disaster Relief Services, General Counseling Services, Mental Health Screening, Sexual Assault Counseling, Substance Use Disorder Counseling

PO Box 5918

Bethesda, MD 20824

Gonzalez, Yolanda, PsyD (PY11544)

*Miami and Pompano beach based licensed psychologist (PY11544) practicing in person and by vidieo (telemental health) focusing on maternal mental health; covers most maternal mood disorders such as baby blues, postpartum depression, postpartum OCD, postpartum anxiety, postpartum rage, postpartum PTSD, and postpartum psychosis *Fees $120 for Intake session, $60 for every session thereafter; Sliding Scale (client must make less than $30,000 a year to qualify): $60 for intake session, $30 thereafter; Insurances accepted: Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, Magellan, United, some forms of Medicaid *Practitioner is female, hispanic, English and Spanish speaking, and cannot manage or prescribe medication for patients

Services: Bereavement and Grief Counseling, General Counseling Services, Medicaid, Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Treatment

7221 Coral Way, Ste 206

Miami, FL 33155

(786) 648-4447

Viewing 31-40 of 70 results (listed by best match)