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Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators System

*Public information available about sexual predators and sexual offenders living in communities around the state *Toll-free number and online searchable database available at https://offender.

Services: Offender Registries/Community Notification

2331 Phillips Road

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(888) 357-7332

Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Inc

*Residential facilities for abused, neglected, or emotionally troubled children, ages 8-18, meeting criteria *Public schooling or alternative educational program available *Four residential centers: Live Oak (boys), Bartow (girls), Safety Harbor (boys and girls), Youth Ranch, Bradenton/Sarasota *Two summer camps for boys and girls ages 10-15 in Barberville, Inglis *Call toll-free number for information and to be transferred to any location

Services: Camps, Group Homes for Dependent Children, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

2486 Cecil Webb Place

Live Oak, FL 32060

(800) 765-3797

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

*Provides general law enforcement services for Franklin County *24 hour a day victim assistance/advocacy with pager service *Sponsors Auxiliary Unit in which citizen volunteers receive law enforcement training, and are then certified to assist officers on patrol, at special events

Services: Crime Victim Support, Crime Victim/Witness Counseling, Sheriff

270 State Rd 65

Eastpoint, FL 32328


FSU, Hazing Education Initiative

*Confidential way for FSU students to report hazing via website, or phone *Provides information and resources about Florida Hazing Law as well as FSU Student Code of Conduct

Services: Crime Victim Support

Confidential Location

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 644-1234

FSU, Police Department, Rape Aggression Defense

*RAD: basic program of self defense tactics and techniques offered to female FSU students and all women of the community (students under 18 must have parent/guardian permission) *Free 12 hour class begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and avoidance, while progressing to the basics of hands-on defense training *On-line sign up available *Classes take place on evenings or weekends, offered 12-15 times per year

Services: Self Defense Training

830 W Jefferson St

Tallahassee, FL 32306

(850) 644-3660

FSU, Victim Advocate Program

*24/7 free and confidential assistance for FSU students, faculty, staff and their families including emotional support, instructor notification, crisis intervention and assistance in student conduct, legal and medical referrals, and support groups *Advocate accompanies victim to police station, hearings, hospital, or doctor; emergency housing available if conditions are unsafe *Police report not needed to be filed in order to receive services

Services: Crime Victim Support, Crime Victim/Witness Counseling

University Center A, Suite 4100

282 Champions Way

Tallahassee, FL 32306

(850) 644-7161

Gadsden County Sheriff's Office

*Provides general law enforcement and crime prevention *E911 oversees quick response to emergencies *Neighborhood Crime Watch *Operation Identification to identify stolen property *School Resource Officer Program to counsel and mentor students and teachers *Teen Court, peer program alternative to prosecution by DJJ *Reserve Unit: certified law enforcement officer can receive formal training, volunteer to assist officers on patrol and at special events *KISS: Keeping Independent Seniors Safe, contact by volunteers and deputies monthly *GREAT Gang Resistance Education And Training to develop resistance to youngsters joining gangs

Services: Community Crime Prevention Programs, Sheriff

339 E Jefferson St

Quincy, FL 32351


HHS, Tips, Fraud OIG Hotline Operations

*Hotline established by the Office of the Inspector General, US Dept of Health and Human Services *Allows callers to report cases of suspected fraud, waste, or mismanagement of Medicare, Medicaid or ACA by a health care provider or company *Also deals with child support enforcement, consumer alerts, and whistleblower ombudsman *Complaints may also be filed via the website

Services: Consumer Fraud Reporting, Medicaid Fraud Reporting, Medicare Fraud Reporting

PO Box 23489

Washington, DC 20026

(800) 447-8477

Informed Families

*State-wide organization providing education, training, and support for parents and schools to create a drug and alcohol free environment using programs such as Safe Home, Smart Parties; lock up your meds; prescription home inventory cards; disposal of unused Rx drugs safely; and a Red Ribbon Week generallly in October to promote awareness and prevention

Services: Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Parenting Skills Classes, Substance Use Disorder Education/Prevention

2490 Coral Way, 3rd Fl

Miami, FL 33145

(305) 856-4886

International Rescue Committee

*Program designed to aid refugees and human trafficking victims in their transition to life in the United States *Offers aid with medical care, home and rental assistance, affordable food, English language classes, literacy and computer skills, child education, social services, and legal services for residency and citizenship *Offers volunteer opportunities to assist with teaching the English language, as well as accepts donations

Services: Human Trafficking Prevention, Immigrant Resettlement Services, Volunteer Opportunities

1310 Cross Creek Cir, Suite A

Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 391-9610

Viewing 31-40 of 70 results (listed by best match)