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Bogan, Yolanda, Dr. (PY6229)

*Licensed Psychologist (PY6229) in a virtual private practice who is currently accepting new patients in a location which is not accessible but can be reached by public transportation *Fees $150-$215 an hour, does not offer a sliding scale for self-pay; accepts CHP Insurance *Treats adults and young adults as individuals and couples by video only currently (telemental health); specialty treatment areas include general anxiety, depression, and trauma, College SmartWellness service helps college students prepare for and cope with college life, COVID-19 adjustment, and Medical and Health Professionals mental healthcare *Therapist is female, English speaking, African American & cannot prescribe or manage patient's medications

Services: College/University Entrance Support, General Counseling Services, Student Counseling Services, Telemental Health

3122 Mahan Drive, Suite 801-228

Suite 217

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 888-2248

DJJ, Office of Prevention Services

*Provides delinquency prevention services through Office of Prevention and Victim Services targeting high-risk juveniles and others with problem behaviors: ungovernability, truancy, running away from home and other pre-delinquent behavior; entering the system depends upon seriousness of the offense *Programs include Florida Netw, City of Tallahassee-TEMPOork of Youth and Family Services, Inc, Practical Academic Cultural Education (PACE) Center for Girls, Florida Youth Challenge Academy (FLYCA), City of Tallahassee Community Connections, and Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida *Fees depend on severity of crime and sentence; Cost of Care fees will not exceed $5 per day for a child in custody (secure detention or residential commitment) or $1 per day for a child under community supervision with the Department (home detention, probation supervision, conditional release, non-residential commitment or post-commitment probation); if the Cost of Care fee will present a financial hardship, a reduction or waiver is available forms are available from Juvenile Probation Officers or the Juvenile Detention Center

Services: Juvenile Delinquency Diversion Counseling, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Truancy Counseling

2737 Centerview Dr, Ste 220

Tallahassee, FL 32399

(866) 757-0634

DOE, AAA Scholarships

*Provides private school scholarships for children in Kindergarten through 12th grade whose needs are not being met by their current school situation *Children who meet income guidelines either with or without special needs/disabilities may potentially qualify *Income guidelines are significantly higher than most subsidized programs *For the 2022/2023 School Year *In addition to tuition, may include funds for books, tutoring and/or therapy *Exceptions to the income guidelines include military dependents as well as children in foster or out of home care (children in those situations may have higher family incomes) *Typically applications are available on the website in March for the following school year; applications Must be completed by the stated deadline on website, no exceptions *Telephone support available to assist with application process and questions

Services: School Placement Services, Special Education, Student Disability Services, Student Financial Aid

PO Box 15719

Tampa, FL 33684

(888) 707-2465

DOE, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Area 1

*Serves persons with physical or mental disabilities that interfere with their ability to work by preparing clients for employment offering: medical, psychological and work evaluation assessment; follow-up and assistance with accommodations; counseling, guidance, career planning, job coaching, and assistive technology; limited on-the-job training *Offers financial post secondary education at colleges, universities, technical and vocational schools *Can provide referrals to vocational rehabilitation offices anywhere in Florida

Services: College/University Entrance Support, Comprehensive Disability Related Employment Programs, Health/Disability Related Counseling, Student Financial Aid, Vocational Rehabilitation

325 W Gaines St, Ste 1144

Tallahassee, FL 32399

(850) 245-3399

DOE, Florida Virtual Campus

*Support for distance learners and institutions offering public post-secondary online courses and degrees in Florida *Online academic advising services to help students identify requirements of chosen degree *Variety of tools used by staff at college and university libraries to provide services to students and faculties *Online access to library holdings of all Florida public colleges and universities, including electronic resources: full-text journals, databases, and eBooks *Support and training for college and university students and staff using the services of FLVC *Can be reached by phone, or by chat or email through the website

Services: College/University Entrance Support, Distance Education, Student Counseling Services

1753 W Paul Dirac Dr

Tallahassee, FL 32310

(877) 506-2210

DOE, Office of K-12 School Choice

*Provides information on K-12 school choices in Florida *Choices vary from district to district, but usually include charter schools, magnet schools, home education, virtual education, scholarship opportunities for private schools, and existing public schools *No Child Left Behind provides students attending a Title 1 school identified as "in need of improvement" the opportunity to attend a better performing school *In some counties, Supplemental Education Services (SES) may offer free tutoring for eligible students *List and links to K-12 Scholarship programs on website

Services: Alternative Education, School Placement Services, Student Financial Aid

325 W Gaines St, Ste 1044

Turlington Bldg

Tallahassee, FL 32399

(800) 447-1636

FAMU, TRIO Academic Support Services

*Three programs to orient first generation, disabled, or lower-income students at the beginning and throughout their college careers *Programs seek to ease a student's transition into collegiate life and aid in increasing retention among the students in the program *Educational Talent Search: provides educational support for students from designated high schools who are preparing for college *Upward Bound Math and Science: helps high school students preparing for college to build math and science skills *Student Support Services: helps college students in the program with career, academic, and personal counseling, tutoring, workshops, applying for financial aid, grant opportunities, graduate school information and application assistance

Services: Colleges/Universities, College/University Entrance Support, Mentoring Programs, Tutoring Services

640 Gamble St

Trio Academic Support Center

Tallahassee, FL 32307

(850) 561-2103

FAMU, Veterans Resource Center

*Resource center for veterans who are considering attending FAMU, or are current FAMU students *Information about various veteran educational benefits, assistance obtaining and processing applications/forms *Educational counseling and FAMU admissions information *Computer lab and printing available for veterans and dependents *Veteran students lounge, equipped with sofas, lockers, refrigerator, microwave and phone chargers to provide comfortable environment for comeraderie and mutual support *VA student work-study available for qualifying students *Interested persons may call, walk-in, make appointment or email veteranaffairs@famu.

Services: College/University Entrance Support, Student Financial Aid, Veteran Benefits Assistance

1735 Wahnish Way, Ste 308

Tallahassee, FL 32307

(850) 412-5843

FSU, CARE/Academic Retention & Enchancement

*College Reach-Out Program (CROP): summer residential program that exposes 6th to 12th grade students to college life; housed in a residence hall; introduced to the realities of campus life *Attend workshops on admissions process, financial aid and career decision-making; tours of museums and cultural sites; learn standardized test-taking strategies; take special administration of SAT *Upward Bound Program: East Gadsden High School students prepare for higher education through academic instruction, counseling, tutoring and variety of fun and educational activities *Student receives extensive after school test preparation workshops for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, FCAT *Summer Bridge Program (SBP): alternative admission program for first-generation college students, and students with disadvantaged economic, cultural or educational circumstances; designed to help ease high school students adjustment to college life and build foundation for academic success *Students required to apply for financial aid; may have 100% of their need for summer term met from non-loan sources *Students who do not qualify for financial aid may participate in program at regular summer-term rates on limited, first come, first-served basis *Advantages: living in campus housing with other participants, orientation to campus and other requirements, placement tests if needed *FSU staff and upperclassmen: advisors and mentors to students during program

Services: College/University Entrance Support, Mentoring Programs, Summer School Programs, Youth Enrichment Programs

109 Collegiate Loop

Tallahassee, FL 32306

(850) 644-9699

FSU, Office of Financial Aid

*Provides assistance to interested persons regarding the Federal and State regulations in obtaining financial assistance for college

Services: Colleges/Universities, College/University Entrance Support, Student Financial Aid

282 Champions Way

Room A4400 University Center

Tallahassee, FL 32306

(850) 644-0539

Viewing 1-10 of 22 results (listed by best match)