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Apalachee Center, Forensic and Civil Residential Treatment Services

*Forensic Residential Services in four locations in Leon and Gadsden Counties serve individuals who have been conditionally realsed into the community under Florida Statute 916 *Residents formerly in state facilities receiving psychiatric and/or psychological treatment under court orders are assisted to reintegrate into the community; offers Psychiatric Services, psychological evaluations, nursing services, case management, group and individual therapy; liaison with the courts; designed to help individuals learn skills to successfully re-integrate into the community, or a less restrictive environment then state treatment facilities; learn skills to help residents be successful in their living environment and to successfully complete any judicial requirements *To be eligible residents must be mentally ill conditionally relased (NGI or ITP status) who are 18 or older, ambulatory or able to self transfer and free of major medical contitions requiring ongoing nursing care, able to be an active particiapant in treatment, able to manage ADLs, free of any charge involving a sexual office, and non-violent charges only for jail-diversion programs *Referrals acceepted from Judicial Circuit Courts, state forensic Mental Health treatment facilities, and state civil mental health treatment facilities *Transition Home: unlocked facility in Leon serving males and females for short-term residential treatment for persons needing step-down program treatment, providing psychiatric treatment, psychosocial rehabilitation, nursing and case management *Satellite apartments (8 shared by 2 people) in Tallahassee: residences for clients many of whom attend school or work, supportive environment to enhance independent living skills particularly in the area of housekeeping, medication management, budgeting, cooking, community access and recovery; mental health services provide by Leon County Outpatient Services

Services: Mental Health Support Services, Residential Mental Health Treatment Facilities

2634-G Capital Circle NE

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 523-3333 x5349

Apalachee Center, Gadsden County Clinic

*Outpatient and In-patient mental health services for Gadsden County residents including primary care, mental health evaluations, case management, medication management, psychosocial rehabilitation and psychiatric assessments for individuals, families and groups ages 6 through adults *Fees depend on patient needs and services; accepts most insurances, Medicaid, Medicare, and has an income based sliding scale for those who are uninsured

Services: Case/Care Management, General Counseling Services, Medicaid, Medicare, Mental Health Screening, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, Psychiatric Day Treatment, Psychiatric Medication Services, Residential Mental Health Treatment Facilities

79 LaSalle Path

Quincy, FL 32351

(850) 875-2422

Daniel Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program (SIPP)

*Statewide In-Patient Psychiatric program (SIPP) provides both foster and parental custody children exhibiting the most severe symptoms of mental and emotional distress with intensive residential treatment over four to six month periods; designed to assist residents in stabilizing behavior in therapeutic environment while receiving psychotherapeutic interventions; serves boys and girls, ages 5-17, needing an increased level of residential care due to emotional and/or behavioral functioning difficulties while still allowing children to earn the necessary school credits to stay on track with their grade in school *Children must be recommended for inpatient treatment by a Florida licensed psychiatrist or psychologist and approved by their insurance for residential treatment; Daniel accepts CMS Title 19 and 21 insurance as well as Medicaid and offers a sliding scale based on family size and income

Services: Residential Mental Health Treatment Facilities

4203 Southpoint Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32216

(904) 296-1055 x2727

Florida National Guard, Youth ChalleNGe Academy

*Program for male and female teens, age 16-18, who are behind in school credits, dropouts or expellees who have no felony convictions *5 1/2 month residential phase: Takes place in a highly disciplined and motivational environment promoting structure and academics along with leadership, health, community service, life skills, job skills, physical fitness and citizenship *Post residential phase of one year: uses learned skillls through placement in a job, further education or the military *Matched with a mentor to guide him/her through both phases *Eligibility:16-18 years old, citizen or legal resident of US, Florida resident, no felony convictions or open charges; CAN be on probation *Free of illegal drugs, physically and mentally capable of completing the program *Program start every 6 months in January and July *Space is limited; apply early

Services: Dropout Programs, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Residential Mental Health Treatment Facilities, Supervised Living for Older Youth, Youth Enrichment Programs

5629 SR 16 W, Bldg 3800

Starke, FL 32091

(904) 682-4033

Florida State Hospital (Chattahoochee)

*Adult residential psychiatric hospital for persons with severe and persistent mental illness or developmental disabilities to manage symptoms and acquire skills, two categories of patients are treated at the hospital; those civilly committed under Statute 394 and those forensically committed under Statute 916 *All residents have been committed by a judge - either civilly on a Baker Act Order or Criminally under a forensic order *Patients in the forensic central unit primarily are a seriously and persistently mentally ill population of males and female defendants with felony chargers who are Incompetent to Proceed or Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity *Civil Transition Program is a male and female statewide program that serves civil residents and individuals previously in a forensic setting who no longer need that level of security and with court approval may reside in a lesser restrictive civil environment, civil clients are 18 years and older, unable to live in less restrictive available alternatives in their communities *Specialty Care Program serves a diverse population of individuals requiring mental health treatment and services, including civil and forensic step downs; this unit also houses the Geriatric unit who also require significant medical care due to age; the programs also servers patients with dual diagnoses of mental health and developmental disability

Services: Inpatient Mental Health Facilities, Residential Mental Health Treatment Facilities

100 N Main St

Chattahoochee, FL 32324

(850) 663-1000

Viewing 1-5 of 5 results (listed by best match)