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Transportation Information Clearinghouses/511 Services

Taxonomy Code: BT-8400.8550

Programs that provide information about highway conditions, public transportation services and related information that commuters and other travelers can access in some areas by dialing the three digit number, 511, from a wireless or landline telephone, and in other areas, by dialing a seven digit number. Callers get integrated information posted by local governments, traffic departments, airports (where they have been incorporated into the system), and tourism and transit agencies about traffic conditions and incidents on specific segments of streets and highways, road closures, public transportation routes and fares, carpool and vanpool options, paratransit services for older adults and people with disabilities, bicycling information and transportation information related to special events. In some areas, tourist information, parking location and status information, local points of interest information, interregional information, driving directions, public transportation trip itinerary planning, multimodal routing and trip planning, incident reporting and transportation facilities information may also be available. Some systems may integrate Amber Alerts into their messaging system. Many also have websites as an alternative source of transportation information.

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