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Park Ranger Service

Taxonomy Code: FL-6600

Organizations that are responsible for law enforcement, safety and accident prevention, emergency response, environmental protection, fire management and visitor assistance in national, state, county, municipal and special district parks, historical sites, nature reserves and recreation areas. Park rangers have a wide variety of duties including patrolling park facilities to ensure public safety and safeguard cultural and natural resources; investigating violations of the law, complaints and accidents that occur within their jurisdiction; searching for lost hikers; helping children who have lost their parents; rescuing stranded mountain climbers; providing emergency medical assistance; transporting persons injured in the park; supervising firefighting crews; providing maps and directions; explaining park features and rules; developing recreational activities; leading tours and nature walks; gathering and disseminating natural, historical or scientific information; demonstrating folk art and crafts; operating campgrounds; and providing a variety of other park visitor services. Park locations include forests, deserts, mountain ranges and coastal regions. In the U.S., the National Park Service refers to the position as a "park ranger" while the U.S. Forest Service prefers "forest ranger".

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