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Upper Limb Assessment

Taxonomy Code: LF-4900.4550-900

Programs that conduct an evaluation of upper limb functioning including the shoulders, surrounding axilla (armpits), muscles and structures supplied by the brachial plexus nerves (the network of nerves supplying the arms), the arms, the forearms, the wrists (carpal joint) and the hand in situations where there are congenital abnormalities, neurological upper limb function impairments or injuries to the upper extremities including repetitive motion strains. Assessment components may include pain, swelling (edema), range of motion, sensation, strength and hand function in work and daily living activities. The results of upper limb assessments are used by surgeons, occupational therapists, physical therapists and others to develop treatment strategies. Upper limb assessments may also be done to assess a worker's exposure to upper limb disorders and may be a part of the ergonomic evaluation process.

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