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Swallowing Disorders Clinics

Taxonomy Code: LT-1750.8290

Programs that provide comprehensive assessment, diagnostic and/or treatment services for individuals who have mild to complex swallowing problems, known as dysphagia. Serious complications can include choking, malnutrition and lung infections, including pneumonia. Swallowing problems can be caused by a number of things, such as stroke, brain injury or a spinal cord injury that has resulted in reduced coordination and movement of the swallowing mechanism. Symptoms may include frequent coughing, sensations that food is stuck in the throat, difficulty breathing and/or wheezing when eating or drinking, recurrent pneumonia and/or chest congestion and unexplained weight loss, dehydration or malnutrition. Because swallowing is a complex process, it is important to see an expert in speech-language pathology who specializes in swallowing disorders.

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