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State Medicaid Managed Care Insurance Carriers

Taxonomy Code: NL-5000.5000-775

Private insurance companies that issue managed care policies to people who qualify under Medicaid, generally on the basis of a contractual arrangement with the state. Enrollment in a managed care plan may be voluntary or mandatory for some or all Medicaid recipients in a state; and participation requirements and associated criteria vary from state to state and in some cases, from area to area within the same state. Benefits covered by Medicaid vary by jurisdiction but generally include hospitalization, physician services, emergency room visits, family planning, immunizations, laboratory and x-ray services, outpatient surgery, chiropractic care, prescriptions, eye exams, eye glasses and dental care. Other covered services may include alcohol and drug treatment, mental health services, medical equipment and supplies and rehabilitative therapy. Medical benefits are administered by the insurance companies under terms of their contract.

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