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Safe Drug Use Sites

Taxonomy Code: RX-8470.1900-830

Facilities that are designed to reduce public drug use and improper disposal of items, such as needles, and provide a hygienic and stress-free environment in which individuals are able to safely consume pre-obtained recreational drugs. Included are supervised consumption sites (SCS) which are staffed by medical professionals and offer a comprehensive range of services such as drug use equipment, drug checking services, information about drugs and basic health care, as well as access to counselling and other medical and social services; and overdose prevention sites (OPS) which are typically staffed and run by peers to monitor people at risk of overdose and to provide rapid response if necessary, often as a temporary response to an immediate or emerging crisis. Eligibility criteria vary and, depending on the site, drugs can be injected, snorted, inhaled and/or consumed as pills. The objectives of the program are to prevent overdose fatalities, reduce HIV risk, increase access to treatment services and improve public order.

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